Tumtec / Fusion Splicer Tumtec FST 16H Mesin Splicing # Murah

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Jual || Fusion Splicer Tumtec FST 16H

FTTH clad fusion splicer FST-16H

V-groove cladding alignment, high quality and low splicing loss;
Auto splice mode manifest user-friendly design;
Dust-proof, water-proof, high temperature resistance, adapting to various altitude and formidable nature conditions;
4.3” high resolution LCD touch screen with 380X magnification, visible clearly with bare eyes;
Packed with detachable 4800mAh battery, more than 180 times of splicing and heating;
High power LED light simplifies night work;
None-mirror design reduce maintenance work;
3-in-1 fiber clamp suitable for all fiber types;


Size: W*L*H 140*165*138mm
Weight: 1.735KG(including battery)
Fiber cores: single fiber
Applied fiber category: SM/MM/DS/NZDS
Diameter of fiber: 0.25-3.0mm/indoor cable
Fiber placed&cleaved length: coating diameter 0.125-1mm/cleave length: 8-16mm
Splicing mode: multiple splicing modes
Typical splicing loss: 0.01-0.05dB
Return loss: ≥60dB
Lighting: 3 high-power LED white light
Splicing time: 6-10s
Estimated splice loss: yes
Splicing length: 20-60mm
Heating time: multiple heating modes/typical heating time 15-30s
Results storage: 2000 lastest records
Tension test: 1.5-2.0N
Operating condition: altitude 0-5000m, relative humidity 0-95%, -10~50ºC, 15m/s max wind speed
Storage condition: relative humidity 0-95%, -40~80ºC
Display: 90° bi-directional view, 4.3′ high resolution color LCD touch screen
Fiber view & magnification X,Y,X/Y,double click 500 times magnification
Power supply: AC 100-240V, DC 12-15V
Battery capacity: 4800mAh
Heating time: typical heating about 180 times
Operating method: button/touch screen
Adaptive discharge: automatic ARC calibration by air pressure and temperature
Electrode life: 3000 ARCS
Terminal: Mini USB2.0
Standard configuration
Host machine    FST-16H    1pc
Carrying case    XT02    1pc
Fiber cleaver    /    1pc
Alcohol bottle    /    1pc
Battery    TPW-42    1pc
Cooling tray    TP01    1pc
Spare electrode    E1    1 pair
Carrying Straps    /    1pc
Adapter    TPA150300    1pc
Test report    /    1pc
power cable    /    1pc
User Manual    /    1pc
Fiber stripper(optional)    CFS-2    1pc
Cleaning kitbag (optional)    /    1pc
Cable stripper(optional)    WX-1101    1pc

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